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Idaho State Hawk & Knife Championships

Whether you compete in this event or just watch, it promises to be a popular activity for all.  Everyone, young and old, likes to throw a knife or hawk.  The skill can be learned quickly, and with practice an amazing skill can be developed. 

There is a separate entry fee ($20 Hawk & $20 Knife) for this event due to the cash prizes awarded.  Be sure to sign up at registration before 8:30 am on Friday and Saturday, as this is a two day competition.  There are qualification standards for your knife and hawk so check that out when you sign up. 

Archery Range

Try your hand at primitive archery.  This is a long bow competition with realistic 3D animal targets.  A fun activity for all.

Couples Events

Grab your better half and demonstrate how you two can work together as a team to accomplish a few trapper skills activities.   These mini-events may be your most memorable ones and certainly the most entertaining for everyone else in camp.