The Spirit of Rendezvous

Pre 1840 Rules

For the trappers and woodsmen of the Rocky Mountains, the annual rendezvous was an event which addressed their business, social and personal needs.  For them it was pay day, shopping, summer vacation, neighborhood bar-b-ques, paying old debts and of course, having a few nights out on the town.  All this rolled into one celebration of life and freedom.

Our needs and desires are much the same today with the exception that we have cluttered up our lives with a lot of foo-far-ah and complications of all sorts.  Perhaps this is part of what draws a Buckskinner to a rendezvous today—the yearning for a simple life, free from the worries and toil of our complicated world.

When a group of Buckskinners get together, the subject of what is period correct will  surely come up.  Everybody has an opinion.  So, just what does pre 1840 rules mean?


Let’s keep in mind that there are certain things that we can all agree on.  It is pretty well understood that anything made of plastic wouldn’t have been found in the mountains during the fur trade.  So keep your coolers and chairs under cover and try to hide the plastic tarps you use as ground covers.  Also keep in mind that just because it’s made out of  leather or feathers doesn’t make it period correct.

What we’re trying to do is capture the flavor and spirit of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trappers along with the sense of freedom and enjoyment they found in this lifestyle. You will see everything from the Metis to the  Highlander to the Longhunter to the Native American as well as every combination of the above known to creation.

Take the time to talk to folks about their outfit as well as learn from them whatever you can. It’s in the learning and the discussions that you’ll have the most fun, not in the proving of who’s right and who’s wrong. Keep the spirit alive above all else.


Please respect the atmosphere we are trying to recreate by covering or keeping out of sight modern items such as: coolers, chairs, camp stoves, tables, etc. Being in period dress is required to participate in all events including closing ceremony.

At our rendezvous we try to recreate the fur trade era and experience that love for total freedom enjoyed by the trapper, and  see how close we can come to simplifying our own lives for a time. Let’s respect this spirit of the rendezvous, and remember this is a family sport with public guests, so please be appropriate.

Camp Expectations and Rules

Support our Traders

Our traders are top notch, and we wouldn’t have a successful rendezvous without them.  Most of them have supported our rendezvous for many years.  Please support them with your patronage as well.

Prizes or Traders Bucks

The winners of our various competitions will be announced at the council fire Saturday evening.  Prizes in the form of trader bucks/gift certificates will be given out, which may be redeemed with any of the traders.

We’re encouraging the traders to be open after the Saturday night campfire and on Sunday morning so you may pick up the item(s) you desire.  The certificates will be redeemable for merchandise only and not cash or raffle tickets.  The gift certificate must be surrendered to the trader.  Any additional cost of an item is up to the individual. Only those certificates signed by the Booshway and Segundo will be honored.